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I’m a parenting expert and family coach. Our 21st century tweens and teens are so savvy about pop culture, technology and social media, they may believe they’ve got the emotional and interpersonal part of life figured out too. They don’t. Middle and high school kids need their parents to teach them how to be good people who do the right thing, online and off. Because home is where kids learn the most about love, respect, empathy and resilience, you need 21st century parenting advice you can count on.

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Letters from Parents & Teens

Communication Problems:
“How do I get my daughter to apologize and actually mean it?”


“How protective is too protective?”

Dear Annie,

My 12-year-old daughter who has lost the ability to apologize. She wants to say she is sorry, but her apology is filled with rude, defensive comments. We are at a point of not accepting her apologies for they are not heartfelt. And, we are trying to express that saying sorry is more than...


Hey Terra,

My neighbor's 4 year old little girl constantly asks if she can hold my 9 month old son. I always nicely say no which she then responds that our other neighbor, with a son the same age as mine, lets her hold her baby. I'm not comfortable with a child holding an infant so how can I respond to...

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