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Why are kids mean to each other? Usually they’re trying to get back at someone who hurt them. Or they’re trying to embarrass someone they don’t like even if that person hasn’t done anything.

Maybe bullies think that targeting others can save you from being targeted. Or that being first in line to start a rumor, make a rude comment, or threaten someone makes you cooler.

Anyone who believes that is wrong.

Cruel's Not Cool. No way. Not ever.Cruel's Not Cool

Cruel’s Not Cool! an anti-bullying campaign to engage students, teachers, administrators and parents in a community-wide exploration of our culture of cruelty, why cruel’s not cool, and what each of us can do, moment-by-moment to take back our schools by making them safer, more accepting places for all students all the time.


From Terra’s Inbox: Q&A About Bullying

From a Parent:

“My daughter's best friends are being mean to her.”

Dear Annie,

My daughter is 16 and two of her very best friends have become very close themselves. Now they are leaving my daughter out and saying mean things, like talking about their plans in front of her. They know this is hurting her. One of their mothers is clearly jealous of my daughter being more popular than hers. She also plans things and leaves my daughter out. I have bent over backward to always include both of these girls. If we have one spend the night Friday the other is invited for Saturday and after they both come over, lately they are even cutting my daughter out here at our house!...


From a Teen:

“I'm deaf, not stupid!”

Hey Terra,

Hi! I am 9 years old almost 10. When I was real little I went deaf in one ear. Since then my speech is not that clear and I work very hard to correct it. The other boys in my class don't seem to give me a chance. I feel sad and left out. I also feel very angry and just want friends. It seems that everywhere I go people are making fun of me, I'm deaf not stupid. I get straight A's and love sports and it sucks that this seems to be a problem that never goes away.


I try to fit in but it is hard to join in when no one wants you around.


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