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Dieting and Eating Disorders:
“Can my past eating disorder affect my breast size?”

Hey Terra,

I had anorexia about 3 years ago, and I was wondering if that will have any effect on my breast size? My sister is almost an E and is normal weight, and my mother is like a D, so my family isn't small, but will I be smaller due to that period where my body chemistry was up in the air?

Questions Unanswered

Dear Questions Unanswered,

First let me congratulate you for recovering from your eating disorder! You can be very proud of yourself for doing whatever it took to learn that you deserve good things... and food IS a very good thing.

As for your question about breast size. Breast size has nothing to do with body chemistry. Breast size, like height and eye color are inherited traits. Even if you are back at your normal body weight you may have inherited a different body type than your sister who, apparently takes after your mom in breast size. Look to the women on your dad's side of the family -- you may take after them and not your mom's side of the family. And if that's the case and those women are small breasted, well... that's a reality you need to accept.

What makes someone "attractive" is not breast size but her attitude (everyone wants to be near an upbeat, kind, friendly person). A good thing to keep in mind.

I hope this helps.

In friendship,


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